These are people of whom we have pictures, but do not know their identities. We apologize for the quality of the pictures, but the technology and time that has past over the years has taken its toll on the original prints. If you recognize any of them, please contact me at

Photography by Nora and Clarence Okeson

These pictures were taken approximately between 1937 and 1940 in the areas of Parshall, Rice Lake, and Turtle Lake in North Dakota and Eugene, Oregon. The persons here are probably related to or associated with the families of August and Hannah Okeson, Clarence and Nora Okeson, the Eklunds, the Richardsons, the Schlottmans, Ray and Amber Torgerson of Parshall, or Jim Thompson of Turtle Lake.

baby eating couple at water pump family man with glasses man number 1 woman number 1 woman number 2 woman number 3 woman number 4 woman by house

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